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Message of the Day

Big News!

Bank of Prairie du Sac is excited to inform you of changes coming soon to our Online Business Banking products.  Our new offerings will provide business customers with an updated set of financial tools to manage their accounts, transactions, and electronic payments.  Highlights include:

  • A simplified login and user interface.
  • Availability of hard or soft tokens for user authentication and transaction approvals.  Tokens offer the security of Multi-Factor authentication, but in a more secure and streamlined process.  No more waiting to receive texts or phone calls for a security code.
  • Enhanced ACH and Wires functionality.  Payment templates, recurring payments, NACHA file pass-through from your existing accounting or payroll system, and Excel (CSV) file uploads reduce errors and increase efficiency.
  • Same Day ACH
  • Mobile applications for your tablet and smartphone.

Rollout of our new Online Business Banking platform will begin in June 2017.  You will be contacted in April and provided additional information regarding the transition along with a more specific time frame for your business’s conversion.  If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact the Operations Department at Bank of Prairie du Sac.  We can be reached at 608-643-3393.

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